BobThe election is over, and Norfolk has a new mayor.

I want to profoundly and humbly thank everyone who voted for me, or otherwise supported my campaign. Words can’t express how much your support meant to me.

To Norfolk’s new mayor, Kenny Alexander, I offer my sincere congratulations. We should all support Mr. Alexander and encourage him in his endeavors, while promoting transparency and civic engagement so he’s always aware of what his constituents think and perceive. Our city will always be better when we all participate in its progress.

As Norfolk’s sheriff, I will continue to manage the city’s jail, as well as court security and the myriad other duties performed everyday by the amazing personnel in the Sheriff’s Office in the most efficient and humane manner possible. I believe our department makes a positive difference in our city every day and I pledge it will continue to do so under Mr. Alexander’s stewardship of the city’s government.

Again, thank you to you all. My desire to be of service to the public remains strong. Please feel free to contact me if I or my department can be of service to you.

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